Documentary Spotlight!


Out now are three documentaries for very specific people. First we have Scorpions: Forever and a Day. I pretty much know two songs of theirs, Rock You Like a Hurricane and Wind of Change so this really wasn’t for me. But their fans will eat it up. It’s extremely well made you and get a look at the band over the years and their final tour. It seems to skip a lot of their earlier years and focuses on the band when it was super popular, but not being a fan, it’s all the same to me. Fans should like the older footage and performances. I think that’s what you are getting it for. There’s a lot of interviews with subtitles (they are German after all), but if you like the band, I would think you’d like this.


Next we have Blood Lions: Bred for the Bullet. I’m not really an animal person so again, here is a documentary not really for me. It’s about lions being bred and killed in South Africa. I really know nothing about the situation and won’t claim to have an opinion on it. This might be surprising and outrageous to others because that Cecil the Lion thing made big headlines. I will say it’s extremely well made though. The cinematography is great and the film has a really good look to it. If nature, animals and hunting are things you are interested in, look into it.


Last we have Turned Towards the Sun. I like history so this was the best of the three documentaries. That being said, even after watching it, I really didn’t quite get it. I got it, but it all seems very far fetched, like it couldn’t have ALL happened to this one guy. Micky Burn MC was born into a family whose father worked for the Royals. He then became interested in Nazism and was a POW during World War II. He became a Marxist and saved Audrey Hepburn. See? Doesn’t seem that it could happen to just one guy, but it did. The story is too crazy not to watch especially if you like history like me. It’s very well made with a lot of interviews and you really get a glimpse of the man. You may not agree with him politically, but the story is fascinating and is must see.