Out This Week: The Perfect Guy, Ray Donovan, Bone Tomahawk, & More!


The Perfect Guy – Michael Ealy, Sanaa Lathan, and Morris Chestnut star in this seen-it-a-million-times thriller about a woman who meets the guy of her dreams… until he turns out to be a psychopath. Michael Ealy basically plays the exact same role that he played to perfection in the last season of The Following, but the film literally offers nothing new at all. The last 20 minutes or so are relatively exciting — because that’s how these movies work — but in year where we already had No Good Deed and The Boy Next Door (and I’m sure a few others), it just feels tired and already done.

RayDonovan3Ray Donovan: Season 3 – I really want to like Ray Donovan. I’m a big fan of Liev Schreiber, and the concept of a Hollywood-based “fixer” seems interesting enough. And it’s not like I dislike the show, I just wish it was better. Schreiber is intense and charismatic in the lead role, but the show as a whole just has a “feel” that isn’t for me. And I’ve never really liked John Voight, so even with him playing Donovan’s dad here, I don’t really enjoy watching him. This is one of those shows that people definitely like, but it’s not quite my cup of tea.

Also available on Blu-ray & DVD this week:

  • Bone Tomahawk – Kurt Russell stars along with Richard Jenkins, Patrick Wilson and Matthew Fox in this Western/horror hybrid film that takes intensity to whole new level. Be aware that there are a few moments in this movie that are downright disturbing. That said, if you like horror films that are original and genre-bending, you’ll probably enjoy this film, and Russell is terrific as always.
  • Shameless: Season Five – William H. Macy’s hit Showtime series continues to chug along. Unfortunately, I missed the first few seasons of this show, so I’ve felt like I’m playing catch up since I started watching it on DVD. While I enjoyed the fourth season, I found the fifth season to be less interesting. The humor didn’t seem as sharp and the characters weren’t as engaging. Again, I might be missing something because I came into the show so late, so I’m sure fans of the show will be happy to have Season 5 in their collections.
  • Jenny’s Wedding – Katherine Heigl stars alongside Alexis Bledel and Tom Wilkinison in this drama about a closeted young woman who announces to her family that she’s going to marry the woman they thought was her roommate. The film isn’t quite sure whether it wants to be a rom-com or a serious drama, but it doesn’t really work as either. Ultimately, the cast just doesn’t have a ton of chemistry, and the film never quite becomes engaging or charming enough to win viewers over.
  • Daniel Tiger: Would You Be Mine – Just in time for Valentine’s Day (or maybe even a little early), Daniel Tiger returns to DVD. This latest disc features seven episodes of the popular PBS kids’ show, with a valentine-themed episode taking the forefront, of course. This DVD makes for a great treat for the kiddies, and at a nice, low price.
  • WordWorld: Be My Valentine – This is a cute little kids show where all the characters and items are made out of their actual words. It’s an educational show for pre-schoolers, and while my kids are too old for it now, they enjoyed it when they were young, and your kids probably will too. Like Daniel Tiger above, this is a Valentine’s Day themed collection, also offered at a very low price point.