Blu-ray Spotlight!


This breakdown of recent and upcoming Blu-ray releases is quite odd. Up first we have Partisan. Vincent Cassel stars as a cult leader or leader of a commune. It came across cultish to me. There’s a young boy trained to steal and be an assassin and that’s all I got out of the movie. I have no idea what the point was or what I was supposed to get out of it. It seems to be a post-apocalyptic setting, but I didn’t really understand what caused the issues. I didn’t quite get why Cassel was in charge and why he had so many women. I didn’t quite get why they would need an assassin. I honestly didn’t get it whatsoever and the worst part is, it probably could have been cool. Cassel is usually a good actor and the backdrop could have worked if there was more development or if they gave the audience even an inkling of what was going on.


Next we have One Eyed Girl. It’s another cult movie, but at least this one you truly understood that it was a cult and not just some apocalyptic struggling. It’s not any better than the last movie, but for the most part I understood what was going on. I understood that the lead was a therapist/psychiatrist who had a breakdown after a patient died and gets wrapped up in this cult. That at least makes sense. It’s not very good or entertaining, but you understand it. The outside world is coming after the cult and the doctor tries to help a girl escape. He met her on public transportation and his emotional breakdown got him involved and once he started clearing his head he wanted out. It’s basic enough, it’s just not that entertaining.


Third we have Over Your Dead Body. An Asian film from Takashi Miike, it continues the theme of this article which is HUH? This one is about a stage play and actors and ghosts maybe? Were there ghosts? Was the actress just crazy? Was any of it real? Was it figments of her imagination? Did she want a baby? Did she have a baby that died? I didn’t get it at all. Everyone seemed to want each other and well, that’s all I got. It’s a shame because the set design and cinematography were very good. I just didn’t understand it. There seems to be grudges which cause the ghosts, maybe? No idea.