Drama Showcase


A new week, a few new dramas to talk about. First we have Christmas Trade. Ever wanted to see William Baldwin remake a Vice Versa, Freaky Friday or Like Father Like Son body swap movie set during Christmas? Well now you can! Yup Baldwin switches with his son because of a Teddy bear and of course they learn just how tough each other’s lives are. The son gets picked on at school and is part of a school performance. Baldwin is a lawyer and the son doesn’t know anything about law! Let the hilarity ensue. Clearly this wasn’t for me and that’s fine. It’s something my mom would watch on The Hallmark Channel or ABC Family in December and that’s also fine. If you have young kids, it’s safe for them. Just don’t expect a single ounce of originality whatsoever. It’s so unoriginal they ever say Freaky Friday in it. Yup.


Next we have Sunset Edge. For a while I thought it was a documentary. It shows some kids drinking soda, eating candy and breaking stuff in an abandoned neighborhood. Then it becomes night and people disappear and it just gets weird. I didn’t understand the mix of tones. One minute you are about disenfranchised youth, the next it’s a weird supernatural film, I guess. The director had made documentaries before and this is his first narrative and I honestly didn’t get it. It felt too much like a documentary in the beginning to twist it into a supernatural type film. I didn’t care about the kids, didn’t need to see them shooting up the mobile homes with paintball guns either. Clearly I’m missing something, I’m thinking it’s the point of the movie.


Last we have Swim Little Fish Swim. Ugh. I hate these movies. Anything about lazy artists/musicians/actors in New York or LA relying on others drives me insane. The wife works a real job to pay for everything. The husband watches their daughter, makes weird music, drinks and hangs around with other weirdoes. Add in a hot French girl/artist that you know someone will fall for and just, like I said, ugh. The husband is a lazy, self righteous clown that doesn’t bring any money into the house and wife works all the time and wants a better life. He doesn’t like capitalism which is fine if you have no responsibilities in life, but this jackass has a wife AND child. Nothing about him is worth rooting for and I wanted the wife to leave him. The French girl is actually supposed to be the focus and I liked her photos/videos, but he annoyed me so much I didn’t care for anything about the movie.