Documentary Showcase


A new week, a brand new batch of documentaries to talk about. We have quite the mix this week. First we have A Tale of Two Thieves. I wasn’t familiar with the theft in the documentary, but it would make a fantastic movie. Even though it says two thieves, it’s really about one and another that no one can really prove existed or was who the one thief said he was. It mixes first hand information from the thief at an older age with re-enactments of events that happened. He says there was a second man on the inside that helped set up the train robbery, but when they research the man, there’s no actual proof that it’s him. There’s a man who may fit the description and initials, but he was life long company man or at least he was on paper. It’s a pretty by the book documentary, all first hand talking, no real bias or anything, but the story is interesting enough. If it’s already been made into a movie, I’d love to watch it. There was a code among thieves and gangsters back then (especially in the UK) and I liked hearing about that code and how they truly believed they were gentlemen. Interesting enough especially if you don’t know the story.


Next we have Meru, a beautiful to look at movie especially on Blu-ray. I’ve seen a lot of documentaries about mountains, mountain climbers, the environment and they all are amazing to look at. Because I’ve seen a lot of them, they all kind of seem to be the same movie though. It’s man versus nature and usually nature wins. I had never heard of Meru, but I guess it’s up there with Mt. Everest as one of the world’s most dominant mountains/peaks. The film is absolutely breathtaking to look at and sounds just as good. The score might be the best part of the movie actually. It’s also jam packed with bonus features including commentaries, Sundance interviews, Q&As and bonus footage. A great visual watch, the film would be great for schools.


Third we have My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes of the Holocaust. This was pretty interesting to me. I’m a big war/history buff and stories like this fascinate me. Stories that show how great the human spirit can be should be taught in the classroom. You have a bicyclist, a physician, and other Italians that worked with Jewish leaders to help save Italian Jews during World War II. I can honestly say I had never heard about this. Gino Bartali was a Tour de France champion who biked through Italy with fake identification paperwork in his bike frame. That’s bravery and balls right there. The physician made up diseases to keep soldiers away from hospitals. They disguised other Jewish people to keep them safe as well. Really, really fascinating stuff to me. If you thought you knew everything about World War II, check this one IMMEDIATELY.