Marvel’s The Avengers: Black Ops Field Guide – Personalized Book


Main Plot Points:

  • The Avengers have assembled and they’re looking for the next great agent to join S.H.I.E.L.D. Do you know anyone brave enough to fight alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Join Nick Fury, Iron Man, Captain America, and more, as one of the greatest Super Heroes in the world!
  • You’ll go on a top-secret black ops mission and use your exclusive S.H.I.E.L.D identification card to unlock secret messages from the Avengers. Personalize this highly-interactive Avengers adventure for your little super hero to show them how mighty they really are.
  • Marvel’s The Avengers: Black Ops Field Guide is personalized with your child’s name, photo, and special message from you on the dedication page. It also comes with a personalized S.H.I.E.L.D identification card for your child. Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D, and good luck on your very first secret mission as an official agent!
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What We Thought:

  • When I got the opportunity to review Put Me In The Story’s personalized books, I thought it sounded like a fun idea. You’ve seen these types of things at Hallmark stores and such, where the print your kids name on a page or two of a book and charge you a bunch of money for it. Or so I thought…
  • Put Me In the Story has revolutionized the personalization industry. I decided to order an Avengers Field Guide for my son Jackson. Since I was being offered a review copy, I wasn’t terribly worried about how well done it was. Imagine my surprise when it arrived in the mail and looked like the book was actually made for him at the publisher!
  • The Field Guide designed as a sort of Avengers Dossier, with information on Avengers heroes and villains, protocols of being a SHIELD agent, and so one. But Jackson’s name and image are everywhere throughout the book, organically printed on demand to appear as if it was made for him by SHIELD. This isn’t a thing where your kid’s name is printed in a different font on two pages. Instead, it’s like it’s a real dossier prepared for your kid.
  • Jackson’s photo is in the book, his name and picture appear on a cut-out ID card, his name appears on the cover and spine, and he’s mention by name (as Agent Jackson!) in multiple locations throughout the book. It really is like he has his own personal SHIELD file.
  • I was extremely impressed with Put Me in the Story’s quality. The book is hardcover and a nice size *8.5 x 11) and features 38 full color pages, many of which have Jackson’s name on them. I’ve decided to save mine to give to him for a Christmas gift, but I know he’s going to really love it. I think your kids will too!
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