Nazi Hunters: The Heroes Who Defeated Hitler

Main Plot Points:
  • The veterans who fought in the 5th Royal Tank Regiment faced the frontline in both Europe and beyond.
  • Based on the unpublished diaries and memoirs of the men who were thrust together in extraordinary circumstances to fight Hitler and his forces, Nazi Hunters shows the atrocities of war through first-hand accounts.

What We Thought:

  • I do find World War II documentaries fascinating most times; I’ll never get tired of hearing about the planning and implementation of the D-Day strike on Normandy.
  • But when it takes nearly half of the run-time to get to this moment, it would be nearly an hour of some pretty dry accounts of the second World War that frankly did not keep my interest.
  • That’s an odd thing to say as there are many stories to be told of the ramping up of the war both before and after the United States became involved, but sadly, Nazi Hunters: The Heroes Who Defeated Hitler makes it feel like trench warfare a la World War I. See what I did there?
  • There were a few interesting tidbits that I was not aware of as Allied forces tried making inroads through France falling the D-Day landing. I did not know that there were new German tanks that made short work of the once thought of powerful British tanks.
  • This made the effort of expanding the Allied reach in France a bit stunted and made it difficult to maintain ground.
  • There were some interviews from actual soldiers fighting in the British Army about their difficulties going from dessert warfare from Africa where they could see the enemy coming from hundreds of feet away, to all of a sudden not knowing if they were going to be ambushed by troops hiding on the other side of some shrubbery.
  • All in all, there were some bright spots to this 2-part documentary, but I found it to be pretty dry overall. There are certainly more interesting docs on World War II. This probably isn’t worth the viewing for history buffs who have seen multiple WWII docs before.

Special Features:

  • None

Notable Cast & Crew:

  • No one notable

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