Pariah Vol III


Main Plot Points:

  • Tensions escalate aboard their ship as the Vitros try to maintain order and control over one another.
  • Meanwhile, a disaster on Earth diverts their attention and causes the Vitros to further divide their allegiances to each other and to their space mission.

What We Thought:

  • This really expanded upon the ground laid out in the first two volumes and was, I think, a much more consistent product.
  • The storytelling really flowed, and I didn’t feel as if (perhaps contradictorily) I needed to have read the first two volumes to be comfortable with what was going on. I really enjoyed the main tension of the story arc, and felt the urgency throughout.
  • I also feel that Brett Weldele has finally hit his stride here. I could tell who was who more easily than previously, and really enjoyed the sci-fi bits especially.
  • No extra materials, alas.

What It Includes:

  • Issues #5-#8 of the series.


  • Story by Aron Warner and Philip Gelatt
  • Art by Eisner-nominated painter Brett Weldele (The Surrogates).

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