Glee: The Complete Fifth Season


Main Plot Points:

  • The fifth season of Glee finds Rachel at an impressive crossroads as she, Kurt and Santana take more bites out of the Big Apple.
  • Meanwhile, back in Lima, the New Directions kids hope to win back-to-back Nationals, as the tragic passing of Finn and a potential baby for Will and Emma bring reminders of the preciousness of life.
  • With its hugely popular guest stars, surprising plot twists and exhilarating musical numbers, the Emmy-winning Glee remains one of television’s most acclaimed series ever!

What We Thought:

  • While for some fans (read: me), the show ran off the rails a couple of seasons ago, there’s no denying that Glee is still filled with killer musical numbers, some great humor, and quirky characters.
  • I stopped watching the show during the third season, but I like to revisit it on DVD. It’s still endearing enough to enjoy, even if I don’t consider myself a huge fan anymore.
  • The characters have been splintered, with Rachel, Santana and Kurt off in New York and a number of brand new faces floating around the high school. But Sue Sylvester and Mr Shue are still running their respective arenas, so it;s not completely alien territory.
  • Fans will be happy to have this season on DVD, although there’s no Blu-ray version this time around.

Special Features:

  • GLEEful: Celebrating 100 Episodes of Glee
  • “Glee” in the City featurette
  • “Glee” Music Jukebox

Notable Cast & Crew:

  • Lea Michele
  • Kevin McHale
  • Chris Colfer
  • Matthew Morrison
  • Jane Lynch

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