Trilogy USA


Main Plot Points:

  • Corruption, violence, decay: European comics master Hermann and the up-and-coming writer Yves H. take a viciously satirical look at the dark side of the American soul.
  • From the evil that stalks the Eastern Seaboard setting of “Blood Ties” to the crime-ridden Los Angeles of “Girl from Ipanema,” these three stories paint a picture of a new Babylon.
  • Collected and presented for the first time in an English-language translation.
  • Internationally renowned father-and-son creative team!

What We Thought:

  • Imaginative look at American crime, which I’m assuming has been called “satirical” in order to explain the huge leaps in logic that mar the otherwise interesting stories.
  • I was also somewhat put off by the walls of text in the third story. It felt less like a graphic novel than a picture book at that point.
  • I really liked the technique shown in the art, particularly in the colors and use of ink wash.
  • No extra features, though I thought it was pretty neat that the creative team is a father and son duo.

What It Includes:

  • 3 complete stories translated in English for the first time


  • Story by Yves H
  • Art by Hermann

Recommended If You Like:

  • LA Noir
  • European art comics