The Mighty


Main Plot Points:

  • The world’s only superhero returns!
  • As the world’s only superhero, Alpha One has become an icon of hope in uncertain times.
  • But while the population is inspired from a distance by their savior, police captain Gabriel Cole has gotten close enough to discover that Alpha One’s plans for a utopia are more radical than anyone suspects!

What We Thought:

  • Excellent re-imagining of the quintessential superhero trope, bringing forth the darker psychological and political subtexts for examination.
  • It isn’t too grim-dark, though, and while it does ask some really interesting questions about loneliness and free will, it does so without taking itself too seriously. Best yet, it sets up for a very interesting sequel.
  • The art is terrific, with a near-seamless transition between artists when Snejbjerg had to hand off to Samnee. I also really enjoyed Samnee’s depiction of the battle in the Sanctuary. Terrifically paced.
  • I liked how the sketchbook had notes from most of the artists involved: it made you really aware of what a team effort there things can be.

What It Includes:

  • All twelve issues of the acclaimed series
  • Twelve page sketchbook with commentary from both interior artists and cover illustrator.


  • Written by Peter Tomasi (Light Brigade) and Keith Champagne.
  • Art by Chris Samnee (Daredevil), and Peter Snejbjerg (B.P.R.D.)

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