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Vanishing Ink is an exciting new Kickstarter project by friend of IWM2$, Scott Wiser, that we think a lot of our comic readers and movie fans will enjoy! Check out the Kickstarter here:

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From author/artist Scott Wiser:

Vanishing Ink’s Story

VanishingInk2Set in a small midwestern town in the 1930s, this 207 page novel is about Von Gold, a lazy, washed-up magician. He wishes he could snap his non-magical finger and change the world, but the dishonest mistakes that destroyed his career still haunt him. He’s about to be separated from the people he loves, his cozy bed, and yes, he ends up sleeping in the town dump.

As his own life crumbles, so does the world around him. Pieces of the world literally start disappearing…and it might be his fault. He thinks he’s seeing things, but he’s about to find out that the beings who created this world have chosen him – a lazy illusionist – to save the world and the people he loves.

Von Gold’s transformation from lazy and washed-up to what he ultimately becomes will both inspire and delight.

The reason I mention my own story in the Kickstarter video is because the theme in this book is inspired by several challenging months I spent unemployed. Von Gold is an exaggerated version of all of my own weaknesses, and he was a fascinating challenge to write.

The most potent question behind this story is: How do I take a lazy, directionless character and turn him into a lovable, noble hero who is capable of saving the world? The answer will surprise all who read this story.

When I’ve asked the many people who’ve read the entire book, they told me their favorite aspects are: characters they could really connect with, excellent pacing, entertaining action, unique fantasy elements, and most of all, a beautiful theme that left them smiling, feeling great in the end.

You can preview the book online at