Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 7 and All Good Things


Main Plot Points:

Season 7 –

  • The intergalactic voyage reaches infinite new depths in Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Seven. Featuring the crystal clarity 1080p high definition Blu-ray, digitally remastered 7.1 sound, and effects rebuilt from the original elements, you’ll experience the mission of the USS Enterprise like never before.
  • In this Emmy-nominated final season, Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner) confronts an alliance between his sinister duplicate and the unstoppable Borg; Lt. Work (Michael Dorn) guides his son in becoming a warrior; and Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) faces a time-shattering confrontation with the mysterious, god-like Q – in the landmark finale that won science fiction’s prestigious Hugo Award.
  • Plus, discover unexpected secrets of the Star Trek universe with a rich array of special features.

All Good Things – 

  • Picard faces his greatest challenge as he’s transported through time – from his beginnings with the Enterprise to decades after his return to Earth – with no explanation of ho or why… until Q reveals the true nature of his journey.
  • The existence of all humanity is in danger, and Picard himself is the cause. The bonds and courage of his beloved crew are tested as they rush to repair the rupture at the focal point where time and anti-time exist and prove to Q once again the humankind is worth saving.
  • The ultimate adventure awaits in this gripping feature-length series finale!

What We Thought:

  • Now that Paramount and CBS have wrapped releasing the episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray in full high definition, I’m a little sad.
  • It was so nice to be able to fall in love with something all over again, and with Paramount and CBS having gone back and completely remastered each episode and their special effects, I loved revisiting so many classic episodes.
  • Season 7 was another highlight of the show after the excellent Season 6, featuring some truly amazing episodes. I don’t think there’s a bad one in the bunch.
  • For those of you more interested in the highlights, CBS/Paramount has also released All Good Things, the feature-length series finale, as a standalone disc with its own extra features, which is pretty darn cool.
  • I’m a die-hard Star Trek fan, so these releases are truly thrilling for e no matter what season it is, but Season Seven really did bring us some of the best Trek ever.

Special Features:

Season 7 –

  • In Conversation: Lensing “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (HD)
  • The Sky’s The Limit: The Eclipse of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation” (HD)
  • Audio commentaries on Parallels, Lower Decks, and Preemptive Strike
  • Episodic Promos
  • “Archival Mission Logs”
  • Deleted Scenes on Select Episodes
  • Gag Reel (HD)
  • Closed Set: A Tour of the Real Enterprise
  • Journey’s End: The Saga of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

All Good Things –

  • Audio Commentary By Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga
  • The Unknown Possibilities of Existence: Making “All Good Things…” (HD)
  • Episodic Promos (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Deleted Scenes (HD)

Notable Cast & Crew:

  • Patrick Stewart
  • Jonathan Frakes
  • Marina Sirtis
  • Gates McFadden
  • Michael Dorn
  • LeVar Burton
  • Brent Spiner
  • John De Lancie

Recommended if You Like:

  • Star Trek, obviously
  • Great sci-fi
  • Sad goodbyes