Marvel’S HUGE 2015


You’ve probably heard about some of the major events that Marvel has been teasing; huge crossovers and story revisitations that look set to shake the Marvel universe. Now, at first, these seemed like they might be series or big events, my personal opinion is that we’re looking more at a series of one-shots. But we’ll see!

So far, Marvel has only released cover images, but they’ve been doling them out one at a time. We’ve collected all of these sneak preview covers into one place for your enjoyment! Take a look!





Ultimate_Universe_The_End_2015 Avengers_vs._X-Men_2015Civil_War_2015 Years_of_Future_Past_2015 Age_of_Apocalypse_2015 Age_of_Ultron_vs_Marvel_Zombies_2015 House_of_M_2015 Inhumans_Attilan_Rising_2015 Old_Man_Logan_2015 Amazing_Spider-Man_Renew_Your_Vows_2015 Future_Imperfect_2015