Prisoners of War: Season Two


Main Plot Points:

  • Picking up where season one left off, we discover that Amiel Ben Horin is not only alive, but he has been living as a Muslim in Syria, a leader in the terrorist organization that brutalized him for years. Has he turned?
  • In these emotional, tense and densely plotted episodes, former prisoners of war Uri and Nimrod and their families continue to pick up the pieces of their lives; Amiel, now known as “Yussuf,” struggles with his identity and allegiances; a lifelong pursuit of vengeance comes to a climax; and a top-secret intelligence operation known as Operation Judas is put into motion with potentially devastating consequences.

What We Thought:

  • Did you know that the hit series Homeland was actually based on a hit Israeli TV series?
  • Well, it is, and that series is now on DVD. Prisoners of War: Season Two follows the story of two Israeli soldiers who are returned home after being prisoners of war, and the psychological mystery that follows.
  • The storyline is obviously familiar to those who have watched Showtime’s hit Homeland series, but the tone and feel of the show are different.
  • Plus, being actually set within the world of the Middle East, the show certainly has stakes on a different level than Homeland.
  • The Hebrew language will dissuade some viewers, but it shouldn’t, as this is top-notch drama.


Special Features:

  • New Introduction
  • Episode Commentaries

Notable Cast & Crew:

  • Gal Zaid
  • Assi Cohen
  • Salim Dau
  • Yael Abecassis
  • Mili Avital

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