The Guns Of Shadow Valley


Main Plot Points:

  • Somewhere in Shadow Valley lies a secret that could forever change the frontier. Only a posse of gunmen with special abilities can defend that secret from a tribe of ghostly warriors, an advancing army led by a deranged colonel, and the perils of the valley itself.


What We Thought:

  • Absolutely stunning graphic novel. I’m kicking myself for not being one of the 950 who backed it on Kickstarter, consoling myself with the fact that I’d never heard about it before reading it today. Will definitely keep this creative team on my radar, and desperately hope they’ll come up with a sequel.

  • Story-wise, I have a weakness for books that sound like they were created as/by a role-playing group. I really enjoyed this team of unlikely heroes gathered together for a genre bending weird western, and won’t say more for fear of spoiling the excellent, intricate plot.

  • The art is gorgeous, with the colors, especially doing great work to set tone. In the foreword, Gabriel Hardman discusses the use of the word “cinematic” to describe comics like this, and I totally agree with how hard it is to avoid using a word that’s not quite accurate but will have to do for lack of a better term.

  • The extra features are nice, particularly the Cast Of Characters section.


What It Includes:

  • Original graphic novel, The Guns Of Shadow Valley

  • Foreword by Gabriel Hardman

  • 11-page Cast Of Characters

  • Illustrated creator biographies



  • Written by James Andrew Clark and Dave Wachter

  • Art by Dave Wachter

  • Lettering & Production by Thomas Mauer


Recommended If You Like:

  • Weird westerns

  • Looking For Group

  • Steampunk