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Written and directed by Norwegian filmmaker Magnus Martens, JACKPOT is an outrageous, action-filled crime farce in the tradition of the Coen Brothers and Quentin Tarantino. A riveting romp about the dangerous effects of a winning soccer betting pool ticket has on the lives of four factory workers, it’s a deliriously entertaining and twisted tale based on a story by Norway’s bestselling crime novelist Jo Nesbo.

In a small Norwegian town near the Swedish border, a bloody shootout leaves eight people dead in an adult book shop. Buried alive under a large woman is bloodied and dazed Christmas tree factory supervisor Oscar (Kyrre Hellum), who must explain the scenario to a hard-boiled police inspector (Henrik Mestad). In Oscar’s version of events—which involve everything from a missing corpse, a tanning bed, a wood chipper, a sex-shop blow-up doll, a nail gun, a pigsty and Monopoly money—he joins up with a trio of dangerous ex-con colleagues at the factory and wins the jackpot prize in a soccer betting pool. But when his co-workers get into a vicious battle over how to divide the money, Oscar is dragged along for a violent, gory and body-strewn ride!

Featuring an inspiringly structured story and screenplay that leapfrogs between the police station interrogation room and the violently outlandish events that brought Oscar there, JACKPOT is filled with the kind of serpentine plot twists, double-crosses, betrayals, brutal action interludes and over-the-top escapades that have defined such audience favorites asReservoir DogsThe Usual Suspects, FargoPulp Fiction and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

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