America’s Got Powers


Main Plot Points:

  • Eighteen years ago, the strange crystal landed in San Francisco, and with it arrived Earth’s first super-humans. Every baby born on that day has a power. All but one — Tommy Watts, nicknamed “Zero.” Until one day, he does.

  • Now, super-powered teens battle each other on reality television for the entertainment of millions, but when Tommy manifests a power different from any seen before, he discovers the behind-the-scenes machinations are deadlier than the combat in the stadium.

  • The United States government and the powered kids’ mentor both have their own plans for Tommy, but neither of them counted on him and his peers having plans of their own.


What We Thought:

  • Sharp, funny satire that’s relevant to our entertainment-obsessed age. There were genuine surprises in there for me, though several of the plot devices were a little tired.

  • Still, it’s Bryan Hitch. The guy’s one of the best comic artists at work today, even if planning ahead isn’t his strong suit (to wit, see how a 6-issue run magically expanded to 7 by issue 5. And that’s not even taking into account his previous work history.) The wait is well worth it, though, for his magnificent art.

  • He and Jonathan Ross do an amazing job of taking a teen superpowers story and turning it into a cautionary tale with a really cool space aliens twist. Some of the dialogue is a little trite, but overall, this is a great story.

  • There were no extra features in the promotional copy I received for review.


What It Includes:

  • America’s Got Powers #1-7



  • Written by Jonathan Ross

  • Art by Bryan Hitch


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